About us


This is the most human part of our store, it is our history:
This begins one day when Zakaria, a model, was looking for a product to train her Jawline, Zakaria had thoroughly studied the great models, actors and celebrities, highlighting that all of them had a very pronounced Jawline.
Zakaria found this product, Jawliner, in Germany and it was then that he realized that he had a chance to “cover” a need that existed here in Spain. He contacted his best friend, Mohammed, they had experience in e-commerce and decided to jump into the pool.
It was when they contacted me, Eduard, to be able to carry out the strict accounting control that an adventure of this caliber requires.
The three of us together are making our dream of being entrepreneurs, a job that we live with great passion. We started by selling Jawliner in Spain, now we are selling throughout Europe and we want to sell to the whole world, will you join us?

A hug,

Mohammed, Eduard and Zakaria